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Main principles of Mol Bulak Finance's business philosophy are: positive social impact alongside with the financial results, responsible lending, staff development and sharing financial results with the team, empowering women, and environmental sustainability. These principles are incorporated into the policies and procedures, delivered to staff through trainings and enforced daily.

Social responsibility is more than a timely allocation of taxes to the budget, strict observance of laws and decent wages. For LLC "MCC Mol Bulak Finance" (hereinafter referred to as "Mol Bulak Finance" or "Company") social responsibility is voluntary and purposefully taken commitment to contribute to the improvement of the lives of employees, clients, community and country.

The Company aims to participate in public life of the regions, to consider the interests of the employees, interact with various public organizations, to make all possible efforts to reduce the detrimental impact on the environment, as well as to do everything possible to attract partners and clients to equally responsible attitude to environmental protection.


According to the CGAP "Microfinance, and the impact it produces, go beyond just business loans. The poor use financial services not only for business investment in their micro enterprises but also to invest in health and education, to manage household emergencies, and to meet the wide variety of other cash needs that they encounter".* Mol Bulak Finance is striving to provide large number of financially excluded people with targeted financial services for betterment of their lives.

Although access to financial services can lead to improvements in the well-being of microfinance customers, an ill-advised loan can lead to excessive debt that is impossible to repay. Mol Bulak Finance observes a principle to "do no harm" in its operations. Our loan policy and procedures provide for a careful assessment of each client's financial needs and business capacity in order to insure that every loan will only have a positive impact on the client.

As a value-added service financial education is embedded into the loan process of the company and clients receive financial advice at each loan disbursement.

The Company realizes other initiatives aimed at addressing social issues:

MBF - Farm Project

mbf ferma

As part of social responsibility initiative for environmental sustainability and responsible lending, Mol Bulak provides not only financial resources to the population in need of social support, but also develops programs and provides tools to increase productivity by introducing new technologies, improves financial literacy and provides consulting services on sustainable business development to the customers.

MBF-Farm is one of the initiatives of Mol Bulak aimed at introduction of a new business model that allows customers to evenly distribute the financial income without additional debt, and reduce the cost of doing business.

We use three main components to have a country-wide impact in promoting responsibility and access to new technologies. They are:

  • Increased productivity through agriculture-oriented consulting;
  • Reduced costs including the cost of financing through raising funds from the online users and their participation in the life of the villagers;
  • Expanding the client base through direct access to end customers without intermediaries.

We hope to effect on whole country, raising the responsibility and opening accesses to new technologies.

We declare in responsible manner that Mol Bulak does not purse any financial return from MBF-Farm project.

Mol Bulak Bilim Project

Education is an important tool on the road to success, and it must serve as a benefit not only to its owner, but also to all his entourage. In May 2012, the Company announced the launch of a scholarship program for children of its clients – schoolchildren of the 9th and 11th grades for tuition at the universities of Kyrgyzstan.

In 2014 the Company has provided 55 scholarships to loyal clients' children on a competitive basis in order to support them and provide opportunities in the sphere of education. At the end of the contest of «Mol Bulak Bilim» project Company has received 109 applications from all the offices in Kyrgyzstan.

In the beginning of 2015, Company granted 62 scholarships on a competitive basis, but not all of the scholars has reached the end of academic year, because Control and monitoring system allows Company management to track directly the results of exams, provided by the dean offices and in case if scholar received the rating below "4" (good) he/she loses the opportunity to attend "Mol Bulak Bilim" program.

This program creates an opportunity for young people, who demonstrates outstanding performance in education but experience financial issues and cannot continue their studies in the Universities. Also Mol Bulak aims to help and support these talented students offering them internship and employment in order to grow prospect and highly qualified professionals for our country.

In June 2016 Mol Bulak has announced the contest for scholarships for the fifth time. The deadline for applications is 10th of July, 2016. For more information please contact our offices.

New Generation Support Foundation


The Foundation was established by the management of the Company. Due to the contribution of each of the shareholders, as well as generous financial support of Mol Bulak Finance's member - Mr. Klimov, in 2010 the Foundation launched the first pilot project - collaboration with secondary school #14. Within this project the Foundation identified priority areas to be realized, such as capacity development of young generation, providing school with necessary equipments and teaching materials, involvement of pupils in sport sections, creation of hobby groups.

 "Trillioner" Development Center

"Trillioner" Development Center was created in February, 2014 as an educational center with the purpose to organize and implement programs of an additional education and foreign language courses for schoolchildren. This center is a project of New Generation Support Foundation and its main purpose is to offer educational programs and foreign language courses and participation in different educational projects to young people.

Shamil Alyautdinov's Seminars in Bishkek

Since 2014, Mol Bulak Company serves as a general partner and sponsor of seminars, held by Shamil Alyautdinov – famous business coach and theologian. His own project “Trillioner” has become iconic phenomenon in the modern information environment. This is the only one project in the world that considers Muslim values as the tools for spiritual, intellectual, physical and material transformation of life. Shamil Alyautdinov is the only Islamic theologian, who did united Qur’anic and prophetic teachings with the last scientific achievements in psychology, neurobiology, sociology and etc. 

Nowadays we can observe a large vacuum of shortage of reliable, right and useful information about Islam - one of the main religions in the world. That’s why seminars of the famous imam and expert in this field are actual and in demand among local population and citizens of neighboring countries.

Support of young entrepreneurs of "Enactus" organization.

Enactus (previously SIFE) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action and empowering people in need.

Sharing the same goals and ideas, Mol Bulak Company supports Enactus in Kyrgyzstan as a partner and sponsor for several years. This partnership includes not only the financial support, but also involvement of successful professionals of Mol Bulak to serve as advisors and help students in implementing their projects. Collaboration of Enactus and Mol Bulak allows young entrepreneurs gain necessary skills in business and improve the quality of life for those in need. Our partnership is continuously shows the positive impact from year to year.

Support of the "Asia MIX" team in the Club of Funny and Inventive people (KVN) (Major League, Moscow)

Mol Bulak stands for supporting young talented people who represent our country on international level. "Asia MIX" team successfully performs at the Major KVN league of A. Maslyakov in Moscow and proves that there are a lot of bright humorists in Kyrgyzstan and they have a great potential for further development.  KVN game is the most popular TV-show on all CIS media space, it is broadcasted by the First Channel of Russia, which has an audience of tens of millions viewers.

For more than 5 years Mol Bulak supports "Asia MIX" team who has become not only the face of Kyrgyzstan, but also the "business card" of all Central Asian people, showing their best performances and offering a high quality humor. This creative partnership between Asia MIX and Mol Bulak has become the another bright and inspirational project for our Company, that led to the creation of "Asia Mix Plus" Public Foundation.

 Support of the «Global Shapers Community»

This project serves as a worldwide platform for communication between young leaders from different countries. In 2015, another meeting took place in Bishkek and united representatives from more than 20 countries - young professionals from different fields pursuing the same goals, which are to change the world for the better and to bring good to people's lives and governments, using a successful experience obtained in the home country. 

Supported by Mol Bulak and its Management, this movement of young leaders countinues to implement useful projects, such as the Fair of Universities of Kyrgyzstan, Mentorship program "Big Brothers Big Sisters", different economic forums and trainings for students and etc.


Mol Bulak Kok-Boru Cup

Mol Bulak stands for development of traditional sport games as well as for popularization and promotion of healthy lifestyle among the local population, especially the youth. Therefore, the Company became the initiator and organizer of Kok-Boru Tournament - one of the most popular national sport games in our country. As a great writer Chingiz Aitmatov said, Kok-Boru is a game that coveres everyone with "enthusiasm and passion of competition". This tournament has become a traditional event aimed to preserve a distinctive culture of our people and to support young talented athletes.

In addition, our Company consistently strives to develop the idea of a social responsibility, therewhy, 10% of the prize amount are addressed to charity.

Mol Bulak Kok-Boru Tournament - preserving traditions, inspiring to victories. 


At Mol Bulak we believe that the main factors of our success are our employees. Corporate policy, that initiated in 2008, supports high standards of corporate culture and creates friendly and safe environment for our staff members. Company provides constant communication between staff and management, and highly appreciates opinions and suggestions of all team members.

The Company invests significant resources in professional development of its employees. Staff members attend internal trainings as well as training sessions in different institutions in Kyrgyzstan and other countries. 

Each Year Company organizes several corporate events such as team-buildings to strengthen internal communications, develop personal and professional qualities of our employees. Each staff member must understand and follow Company’s mission and values, which provide the core thought that only happy and decent people can be useful for others and able to change the world for the better through professional performances.

During a year we provide our employees with multiple trainings and seminars with key speakers and lecturers such as Mol Bulak Top Managers, invited professionals such as a famous mentor Brian Tracy and his Academy, Shamil Alyautdinov and other foreign business trainers.

Also, for a second year in a row, the Company organizes a Corporate Meeting of the Best Employees of Mol Bulak. At this exceptional event each participant has an opportunity to attend educational and informative training sessions and entertainment activities, sharing ideas and experience with other team members of Mol Bulak. Company management believes that skills, knowledge and positive spirit received during this event by its employees will be extended to all three countries where MOl Bulak operates and where our best employees are the real leaders for their colleagues, clients and families.

The Babur Tolbaev Academy project has successfully launched in 2016. This academy provides several courses, in which Company’s CEO Babur Tolbaev serves as a mentor and trainer, sharing his own experience, professional skills and knowledge.

Besides, the Company publishes a huge number of corporate reports and materials about internal communications such as training videos, films about events, magazines and others.

Mol Bulak also pays a significant attention to sport development and healthy lifestyle promotion countrywide and inside the Company. And one of this in-company projects is organizing and supporting of Mol Bulak Football Team.


Women take an active part in the decision making process at the Company. Women are represented on the management team and play a key role in everyday operations.

Around 80% of our clients are women. World experience in microfinance shows that women are more financially responsible with better repayment rates: they are more likely than men to invest their increased income in the household and the future of their children.


We care about the natural environment of our beautiful country and believe that every company can contribute to preventing ecological damage by implementing environmentally friendly practices.

Mol Bulak Finance provides mandatory environmental training for all staff members, uses environmentally sound practices and does not provide loans for environmentally harmful practices.

Mol Bulak Finance and the UNDP Environment Protection for Sustainable Development Programme signed a memorandum of cooperation to enhance the social and environmental responsibility. Within the memorandum thematic trainings were conducted for Mol Bulak Finance employees. The purpose of the training is to increase the potential of staff in the field of social and environmental responsibility using the elements of strategic environmental assessment in the lending process, as well as practical acquaintance with the methodological features of the environmental risk assessment.

We continue to care about environment and support initiatives that create a greener future for all of us. In May 2016, Mol Bulak has supported the "Green Bishkek: Revival of the Botanical Garden" project, that is aimed to rebirth of the "green lungs" of Bishkek city and makes our botanical garden a unique Central Asian Mountain Garden.