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The second annual meeting of Mol Bulak Sharia Board took place in Bishkek on April 24th. 

The company’s Sharia Board is an authorized, independent committee for overseeing and controlling the operations based on Islamic finance principles, as part of the company’s Islamic Window initiative. The Board also acts as a guarantor of the company’s Islamic Window conformity to the principles of Islamic finance.

Shari’ah Supervisory Board member of Mol Bulak, Dr. Ahmed Mansoor Alkhan received his PhD (distinction) in Islamic Finance from the University of Bolton, UK.

Due to this achievement, Dr. Alkhan was also invited to a special ceremony to receive his degree from the Earl of St. Andrews, George Windsor, member of the UK royal family, in honor of PhD and distinction students.

A sports event which attracted a significant crowd was held in Bishkek on April 2nd. Mol Bulak Jaz Demi half marathon endorsed general sports participation and healthy lifestyle.

London. Majestic and beautiful, the contrast of old and new. The constant feeling that you are really in the Kingdom. The excellent combination of eras and styles. Amazing clarity with such a large number of people. In the narrow streets and roads it is seamlessly blended beautiful historic and modern buildings, modern cars, cabs and double-decker buses polished to shine are scurrying neatly between them. It is almost impossible to get lost, every square, streets, points of interest have its unique and so "well-groomed with love" image.Each year, Babur Tolbaev mark the top management of "Mol Bulak" Company with various awards for their loyalty, high professionalism, and the benefits to the company. Last year, the beautiful city of contrasts London was visited by our Operating Director Chinara Moldazhanova. This year, for services to "Mol Bulak" CEO of "Mol Bulak" Ainagul Samidinova was awarded with trip to London. Essay on experiences - see below.


We are excited to share good news – our best employees: Altyn Shakirova, Meerim Mamadalieva and Parviz Huseinov came back from their one week trip to Rio de Janeiro. As a reminder, the three above-mentioned employees were recognized by the management as the best employees and were awarded with a trip to the famous annual carnival in Brazil.

Spring makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Nature managed that every creature on earth has a chance to be reborn to a new life, and everything revitalizes by an unseen law of the nature. People do not make an exception. Spring is the time for new ideas, plans and achievements.

2005. Spring. A fearless woman named Chinara Moldazhanova decides to take an uncompromising action of its kind, and is selling a piece of land to start a new business. She enters a new era, a new chapter of her life. Different feelings overwhelm her, from courage and desire to help people to fear. Fear is felt by many, and it has every reason to exist, driven by the instinct of self-preservation. But .... in a short time all of her expectations are met and a small business is gaining such momentum that Chinara realizes that she cannot deal with this “giant” on her own. 


Internship at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

This summer, Tatiana Vorobyeva, director of operations, took a course "Management of Microfinance Organizations" at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt, Germany. Participation in this training program was made possible by a full scholarship she was awarded with.

 Tanya1Tatiana shares his impressions: "The course helped me to systematize and thoroughly sort information on the management of microfinance institutions. I am confident that I can practically apply the knowledge gained in Frankfurt in our Company. In addition to the training program it was very helpful to talk with fellow managers from more than 20 different countries. We shared experiences and challenges faced by the microfinance sector in our countries as well as ways to address these issues. I am very grateful to our Company for its support for the employees willing to improve their skills”.