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0 800 000 7777

Vision: Mol Bulak Finance is a successful company  in the microfinance sector, which demonstrates strategic growth, effectiveness and high-quality customer service, as well as actively participates in socially responsible activities.

By 2023 Mol Bulak in Kyrgyzstan is a leading, effective and highly technological financial organization, that applying the principles of Islamic finance as well, successfully serves more than 500,000 Kyrgyz citizens countrywide. Because of the quality of service, staff professionalism, received use and satisfaction with the products and services, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses define Mol Bulak as «The №1 Choice ».

We see our customers confident people: they eagerly look to the future, know that there is a partner who can support their ideas and provide with advice and financial support.

Mission: The Company’s mission is to build successful, long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with customers  through providing them with fast, affordable, and professional financial services.

The mission defines the core of the Company's activity, which is focused on our clients, their goals and needs.

The Company's high goals become achievable thanks to the team of like-minded people, who share a common value system. Our values are the basis of our relationship with clients, employees and society as a whole. 


Honesty and Decency
Humanity (big heart) and Professionalism (open mind)
Effectiveness and Aspiration to excellence
Good for people and Clients’ sincere gratitude
Smile and Friendliness

A true awareness of the Company's values and mission by all the employees is very important: they realize that the CLIENT (good/benefit to the client and his/her satisfaction) is the reason of Mol Bulak's existence.

For us it is also very important that our employees are honest and decent, reliable and sincere, they eager to see the good in everything and do only the right things, they live by to the law of conscience and always keep theirs words.

We want our business to be ethical, honest, fair, good for people, who are sincerely grateful for the timely and relevant support in solving their financial issues.


Company's Slogan  - Good for people.