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Mol Bulak Finance is a dynamic team of professional economists, analysts and loan experts with an extensive experience in microfinance sector.

Microcredit Company Mol Bulak Finance was first founded in Issyk-Kul region in 2005 with the purpose of providing micro loans to women in rural areas of the country. The Company started its development with local resources; today the Company attracts foreign invetsment and is a leader in management, its approach to microfinance and its understanding of local conditions in Central Asia region.

In 2008 - 2015 the Company received additional equity and decided to expand its services to clients as well as to extend its regional outreach to all regions of Kyrgyzstan and created more than 1000 job opportunities. The Company keeps penetrating into remote areas of Kyrgyzstan in order to provide access to financial services to a larger number of clients who need them most. At present the Company has the largest branch network among all microfinance institutions of Kyrgyzstan.

The Company's management initiates many socially-oriented projects which support communities and provide new opportunities. If you want to get more details about social activity of the Company, please, refer to "Social Responsibility" section.

Mol Bulak Finance demonstrates constant economic growth, efficiency and high standards of customer service.