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Mol Bulak Finance is seeking for talented, professional employees, who will share the mission and values of the company and are ready for a productive teamwork. We strive to employ people with a big heart, open mind, creative approach to work and a desire for self-improvement and being useful for people.

On the eve of the New Year 2010 a solemn ceremony of corporate oath took place, where each employee acquired a deep understanding of the mission and values of the company, as well as responsibilities and duties, he/she is in charge of as a member of the team. This event marked a new milestone in the history of the company's activity making every employee an integral part of a large chain of common success and prosperity.

The Company focuses on the development and growth of its staff by investing in their education and motivation. Our goal is to ensure that employees are feeling happy, and fully satisfied with their work having a lot of challenges and opportunities for career growth. One of the values of the Company is the trust: Mol Bulak's management expects from their employees to be accurate and fair, to demonstrate timely and quality performance of their official duties and orders as well as to actively participate in a public life and social projects of the Company.

The corporate culture is based on the performance of the Company's Mission, support of the team spirit, strengthening the image of the Company with a high quality customer service and socially-oriented microfinance activity.

The nature of relationships with our clients is directly displayed on the internal communication between colleagues and partners. The main principle of Mol Bulak's corporate culture is a the involvement and responsibility of every employee of the Company for personal compliance of corporate rules and values. 

The Company appreciates both the group solidarity in reaching of common goals and the individual achievement in completing tasks. The Company builds relationships with its staff on the principles of long-term cooperation, mutual respect and strict fulfillment of mutual obligations; takes measures for the health, labor and safety protection of Mol Bulak's employees. The Company creates all the necessary conditions for their professional growth and social well-being improvement. 

Mol Bulak welcomes a free competition and honors the principle of honesty and mutual respect in relationships with the competitors, where is no place for defaming the competitor's name and activities.



If you have a desire to join Mol Bulak Finance team, please, contact us for more information. 

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