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Mol Bulak Finance is a progressive and ambitious team of professionals with extensive experience in microfinance sector.

We provide small unsecured group loans for individuals and groups, mainly women living in rural communities of Kyrgyzstan to support and encourage their economic development through the creation of small enterprise. Nowadays we serve more than 127 000 clients, 60% of whom are women.

The Company started its development with local resources; today the Company attracts foreign investment and is a leader in management, its approach to microfinance and its understanding of local conditions.

In the beginning of 2008, mission, vision and values of the Company were formalized, business philosophy developed and communicated to staff. A lot of positive changes took place at Mol Bulak Finance in recent three years and today our Company is profitable tier-one microfinance institution with first largest client base in Kyrgyzstan. The Company operates in all regions of the country penetrating into distant and remote regions.

In 2016 the Company has chosen a new slogan that is "Good for people". In fact, the Mission and Values of the Company are aimed to improve the lives of our citizens, their financial and social conditions.

One of the significant moments in the Company's history is that the "Mol Bulak" domestic brand has entered the international level: today independent financial institutions are operating in Russia and Azerbaijan as well. All companies representing the Mol Bulak brand are united both by their uniqueness for the financial markets they work in, and sincere desire to help people.

Mol Bulak Finance is customer-oriented and professional company, and enjoys the trust and respect of its clients and partners.

The company takes into account not only the financial and economic aspects, but also the moral and ethical side of the business. During last ye ars, the Company's management supports a prominent theologian, imam of the Moscow Memorial Mosque Shamil Alyautdinov and his activity by organizing his training seminars in Bishkek. This long-term cooperation indicates the similarity and proximity of our views concerning an implantation of Islamic financial principles in Mol Bulak activities. The Company's management believes that the development of Islamic banking will lead to a number of important economic reforms and the development of society as a whole.