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From the very beginning of Mol Bulak’s activity in Kyrgyzstan, it had been accompanied by different slogans and mottos, however, the "Source of financial success" slogan was determined as an official one. This is not just a phrase of three words, it is a fact, confirmed by experience and time. For all these years, thousands of successful stories happened in our Company under this motto, thousands of sources of hope, prosperity, financial well-being have streamed with a new force in the families of our clients who are the true heroes of Mol Bulak's success.

Following the chosen direction of serving the society and developing the region as a whole, Mol Bulak has stepped into 2016 with a new slogan, which, even more, reflects the true mission of the company: Mol Bulak – Good for people.

All the stories told by our numerous clients show that people mostly apply to the Company not specifically for money, but for the support, good and right attitude, wise advice and counseling as well. Therefore, Mol Bulak has become a true friend, mentor, supporter for many of them.

We are pleased to be useful for our clients, their families, the environment, because a man lives in a society, and his/her financial and emotional well-being will necessarily be reflected in the best possible way on all those around him\her. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to note that in 2016 Mol Bulak is confidently moving on its way of success under the sails of the new slogan "Good for people".